This was the year Canada went somewhere no other BB has dared to tread: international. Putting Tim and Nikki in (sorry, Jase) was magical and their age, star power, nuttiness and life experience led to interesting feeds and tons of fun. Dare we imagine this cast without them? And will other Big Brothers’ across the globe follow suit?

Secret houses are 10 a penny in the UK, but this year, they sullied the game, killing Mitch, with no payoff other than Kelsey’s increasingly awful outfits getting a second chance at airtime.

What was the point of all the gambling shit? To this day, we don’t know.

Anyway, don’t let the lousy ending destroy your memories of this season. Paq bros had their moments. And how often does the person who deserves to win actually win?

10. BBCAN4: Oh weeeellll, whatevs, nevermind 
9. BBCAN4: Ass grabbers vs airtime grabbers 
8. BBCAN4: Hair today, gone tomorrow 
7. BBCAN4: Meme-ry wall 
6. BBCAN4: Scratch that Mitch
5. BBCAN4: The Pelican Briefs 
4. BBCAN4: Raul against the machine 
3. BBCAN4: Three strikes and you’re oot 
2. BBCAN4: Hide and sheep vote 
1. BBCAN4: International Bright Young Tim

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