Get ready for a takeover! Oh, no, don’t bother. When three of the best people get voted out pre-jury (Davonne, Jason and Audrey) the series starts to look pretty bleak, even from under a blankie. Yet somehow doing impressions of Liz and Johnny Mac sustained us through Vanessa fast-talking her way to third place. Did Steve deserve the win? No. But he got the tiger pelt. JUDAS IS HERE! (Well, there with Jerry and Memphis on season 10).

10. Big Brother 17 – Gotta pay the bill, Vanessa!
9. Big Brother 17 – HALO LADY! It’s arbiter jury
8. Big Brother 17 – Ariana Grande – As Seen From Space
7. Big Brother 17 – Fish fingered
6. Big Brother 17 – Boner contention
5. Big Brother 17 – Game of moans
4. Big Brother 17 – Blood, sweat and bunny ears
3. Big Brother 17 – Get ready for a steakover
2. Big Brother 17 – Judas throw me under the bus?
1. Big Brother 17 – Beam me up Chen-botty

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