UK vs USA amount to one thing only; the mantub. Once Farrah’s impressively cunty fire went out, the flirtmance went full throttle, resulting in the most genuinely affectionate relationship ever seen in the Big Brother house. It was most definitely NOT fake ass. From Austin calling Janice a ‘selfish cunt’ to James nominating his BFF, their relationship was the most stormy, multi-faceted and let’s face it, the most visually appealing thing ever witnessed in the CBB house. The UK may have taken the crown, but Austin stole our hearts. Also, thank god Atomic Kitten didn’t win. And finally, let’s never speak of Chloe and Stevi Richie again.

7. CBB 2015 Finale: Rule Shit-tannia
6. CBB 2015: Armacost-ing you airtime 
5. CBB 2015: The Walking Ted
4. CBB 2015: The Great British Fake Ass
3. CBB 2015: HRH-itis
2. CBB 2015: Kosher Encounters of the Third Reich
1. CBB 2015: Cannon Balls

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