Danny Wisker and Marc

Remember who won this series? No, really. Put it this way, by the time the fireworks failed to go off (fitting) even her own mother had nodded off.

This was a series where we watched on man learn to spell canoe. Another man was ejected for something that seemed virtually encouraged come CBB a few weeks later. That’s SHOWBIZ!

Luckily, halfway through, the series was saved by Irish juggernaut Marc. A man who drank tea in the shower and tombstoned his housemates until they could stand no more.

Also, in keeping with the pointless ‘timebomb’ fix, sorry, theme, some ‘legends’ came back, and proved that the past should be left firmly in the past (Jade voice: *does somebody not know themselves anymore?*) And that Helen Wood should be left in a bath of acid. For a week, just to make sure. Oh god… it’s still moving.

13. Big Brother 2015: Baby, there’s no fireworks
12. Big Brother 2015: Pie and Cash
11. Big Brother 2015: Dash teddy bare water 
10. Big Brother 2015: Better on Channel Forehead 
9. Big Brother 2015: Assault & buttery
8. Big Brother 2015: Snow yourself
7. Big Brother 2015: Meet the Slickmans
6. Big Brother 2015: Alumni Foiled
5. Big Brother 2015:: KFC party cumbucket
4. Big Brother 2015: The Chronicles of Rod Rid
3. Big Brother 2015: Four-mat fail
2. Big Brother 2015: You’ve got to be Adjoa-king
1. Big Brother 2015: Launch show(biz)

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