Big Brother Canada Season 3 – Moose in the Hoose podcast

We seemed to be lacking a vital element this season… the moose. If you could get over the incessant twists, alliance talk and product placement, the casting was actually pretty decent, with the adorbs Kevvywevvy and top class bozos like Graig (aka Abregene). Some of the tasks (vibro rack springs to mind) were enjoyable and original, which makes a bloody change.

Jordan’s downfall, Godfrey’s general magnificence and likable intelligent female stoner Sarah winning all added up to some fun moments, definitely better than the hideous season 2, which had only one good moment, when Kenny went ‘fuck it, I’m gay.’


9. Finale: Must try Ramada 
8. Fury Duty
7. From have nots to despots
6. Oh my God, three
5. Vault Farce
4. Stupid with an S
3. Cog suckers
2. Abragene, latrines and schemes
1.Launch: Early boob

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