This series really sorted out the super fans from the haven’t-got-a-fucking-clue fans. Those who disliked entertainment, hated The Perez Show. Those who understand the game, saw a new master in action. From Mr Buns love, humping the window, the cheese up the nose, rulebooking, coughing and generally terrorising his housemates, there was a new legacy housemate to add to the annals in Perez. He was playing the game right now, and he was playing it so good. As a special bonus, horrible Hopkins and her cronies didn’t win. PS: Lest we forget: Jeremy.

5. CBB 2015: Perez-idential sleet
4. CBB 2015: Jeggers slays Hop(kins)
3. CBB 2015: A B C you later
2. CBB 2015: Crown Tools
1. CBB 2015: Widdle me this

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