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Holla! You thought last year was bad? This series was a Grande fuck up from start to finish. Can next year’s twist be no more twists, please? Come back Devin, all is forgiven!

11. Big Brother 16 – Season Banale
10. Big Brother 16 – Rewinding us up
9. Big Brother 16 –No Country For Nicole, Then 
8. Big Brother 16 – Zach being said
7. Big Brother 16 – (Don’t) Throw me a bone
6. Big Brother 16 – Haydone
5. Big Brother 16 – Rest in Beast (Mode)
4. Big Brother 16 – Back daughter
3. Big Brother 16 – Boom Boom Pow
2. Big Brother 16 – For Devin’s sake
1. Big Brother 16 – Polyfilla – preview show

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