Big Brother Canada Season 2 – Moose in the Hoose podcast

Well, what can we say about season 2? Awful casting, a game-ruining twist (Canada’s HOH) and viewer-insulting competitions (splitting boring quizzes over two episodes).

This series was a masterclass in who not to cast; the most unlikable gay man in reality TV, personality-vacuum and annoyingly-spelt Rachelle, the grating Mumsie and her misguided eyebrows and shouting-machine Arlie. Self-proclaimed ‘fan favourite’ Allison was as wishy-washy as her hairstyles. Things were so bad we missed Andrew when he’d gone, and even the people you could root for (Jon, Neda, Heather) were dull.

Next year will need a huge shake up. A shame, as the first series was quirky and fun. This series seemed bloated and hateful – not what the doctor ordered after BB15.


11. Finale: Nod off Canada
10. BB blues
9. Bum move
8. You killed Kenny
7. Bald whiny bitch
6. Ika-n’t believe it
5. Butt vacuum FTW
4. I’m an ass man
3. Dire-vergent
2. Los Paul-los Hermandos
1. Launch: You have been Anick-ted

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