Celebrity Big Brother UK Series 13 – Bit on the Snide podcast

The first CBB of 2014 has been largely hailed as the best CBB of all time – and compared to McGiff and co, it certainly looks like it – but let’s not forget that once inside that house sat Pete Burns, Jodie Marsh, Barrymore, Galloway and Preston and Chantelle, simultaneously. And that year, Jim Davidson didn’t win.

Having said that, watching Lee Ryan pole dance and Lionel Blair shouting ‘suck my dick!’ is pretty hard to beat.


12. CBB 13 – Bigot Brother
11. CBB 13 – Mamma ting
10. CBB 13 – I’m in a mood
9. CBB 13 – Dolphin-waa
8. CBB 13 – Sam boils over
7. CBB 13 – Lionel Swear
6. CBB 13 – Liztomania
5. CBB 13 – Roll on death
4. CBB 13 – Horse slay
3. CBB 13 – All rise
2. CBB 13 – N Rubs
1. CBB 13 – Launch show

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